Learn how to support the radio show that supports community. Quest Community Vibrations has a host of opportunities so that you can get involved and help us spread the word of whats happening in our communities world-wide.

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Are you someone who is making a contribution, change, and/or has an event that does the same? Contact Us for an interview.

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Or maybe you have/or would like to do interviews (audio/video) to be featured on the show or website. Contact Us to become a Team Member. Under 18 need parents permission.



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Businesses, Organizations, and indiviuals can sign up for sponsorhip opportunities like:

Underwrite Our Radio Program and we will mention your company/event on the show. Please note: WSOU 89.5 FM has a non-commercial format, which means we can not include prices or call-to-orders (buy, come, purchase, ect...) during live mentions.

Free Promotional Giveaways are a great way to sponsor the show and interact with the community. You can give away samples, tickets, products more. No discounts or sale of  products or services.

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"[Quest Community Vibrations] is an insightful program, I love the idea that young people are engaged in broadcasting and education, keep up the good work!"

Dr. Walter Ferrel - Sociologist

"I would like to thank you, this program has given so many young people opportunities in broadcasting."

Darnell Davis- Mentor, ACT-SO Newark, NJ NAACP


"The Quest Youth Radio Student Hosts are definitely doing an excellent job and owning their talents of communication under the supervision of the talented and accomplished Mr. Richard Bey. Thanks again Mr. Bey for giving them the opportunity to deliver their respective views from this pilot intellectually. Keep up the great work fellas. Peace & Blessings."

Tamieka Dwyer - Police Officer, East Orange, NJ Police Department & Proud Mother


"Quest Youth Radio provides an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic and bright students to host an innovative radio show. The show provides a platform for political, community, and social issues that reaches beyond the Seton Hall community. In addition, the student hosts are gaining amazing experience in broadcasting while serving their community."

Ms. Amy Popp - Teacher, Immaculate Conception High School, Montclair, NJ


The Quest Youth Program is something innovative many youths are missing out on. It is something which has been missing on our waves for a while now, and simple words cannot quantify the many merits of this show, other than the person tuning in, every saturday. I am good friends with all three youth hosts, and they are my voice. They say what I want to say, and they are dedicated to inspiring our youth each and everyday. By word of mouth and with proper advertising, this program could become something bigger than what we all see it as, now. It is already great and I hope the hosts will be dedicated to spread this optimism and the quest for more knowledge to us teens.

Joshua Success Gyimah - Student, Bard Early College High School, Newark, NJ


"Being a teen myself, I am fond of listening to my peers speak life into Quest Community Vibrations. Hearing wisdom from them, as they entertain and educate essentially shines a brighter light through the cloud of our generation. Half an hour certainly isn't enough!"

Amber Brown-Kelly - Student, University High School, Newark, NJ


"After visiting the studio and spending time with the members of Quest Youth Radio, I was struck by what a positive opportunity the show presented. Young people rarely get the opportunity to participate in the media, a force which so strongly shapes their lives. Quest is a great venue for today's youth to get experience with the media and to get their voices heard."

- Chris Popp, English Teacher, Immaculate Conception High School, Montclair, NJ

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